Ayurveda Yoga Journey believes that seeing the world is a powerful tool for self growth, and we seek to make that experience as achievable as possible for communities everywhere. Often, group travel with like-minded people of the same community, is a terrific way to make off-the-beaten-path locations, and new experiences, more accessible


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Private Ayurveda Classes

by Cathy Carter

Please ask about group class discounts!

Be introduced to Ayurveda at the beginner level with a series of classes on the below topics:

1. Foundational principles of Ayurveda

2. Ayurvedic constitution and the three Doshas

3. The relationship between constitution, health, and imbalance

4. The definition of holistic health

5. Daily guidelines for balanced living

6. Seasonal regimen according to Ayurveda

7. The Ayurvedic approach to digestion and nutrition

8. The purpose of Ayurveda’s sister science, Yoga 9. The mind-body connection. You will learn the essential principles of Ayurvedic Medicine and how you can apply them in your own life.

Offers a Nurturing Approach to Being Healthy

It Provides a Full Circle Philosophy

Enhance personal healing


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