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Private Yoga Classes

by Staff

With private yoga lessons, you’ll zero in on your goals and get personalized instruction based on your health, body type and lifestyle. We’ll carefully select one of our expert teachers to craft classes that meet your personal needs. Private yoga instruction can help you perfect the basics and expand your yoga practice.

11 Reasons to Try Private Yoga Lessons

  1. Grasp the basics of yoga
  2. Work on specific poses to increase flexibility and improve alignment
  3. Master challenging poses like headstand
  4. Cultivate a therapeutic practice to manage issues like insomnia or low back pain
  5. Improve athletic performance
  6. Develop confidence to practice in group settings
  7. Learn how to modify a practice while healing from injury
  8. Deepen meditation practice
  9. Get tailored adjustments
  10. Explore different styles of yoga

Improve your posture

Train yourself to exercise the right way

Perfect the breathing techniques


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Sara Nadia Syed, Owner at The Studio Cleveland, has dedicated her life to practicing and teaching yoga, meditation and healing for the past 12+ years.

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