Ayurveda Yoga Journey believes that seeing the world is a powerful tool for self growth, and we seek to make that experience as achievable as possible for communities everywhere. Often, group travel with like-minded people of the same community, is a terrific way to make off-the-beaten-path locations, and new experiences, more accessible


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer the most frequent questions. If you have any additional questions, Please feel free to submit the inquiry form on the right.

What is Ayurveda Yoga Journey?

Ayurveda Yoga Journey is conceptualized by Sara Syed, owner of The Studio Cleveland and Shilpika Devaiah, owner of Ayur-shilpi Ayurveda & Wellness using the ancient wisdom of yoga, ayurveda, and meditation techniques to provide a wholesome, immersive, adventurous, spiritual, mental, physical and positive experience for every participant. Each retreat is carefully planned keeping in mind the season, participants, location, activities etc. to empower you to self-regulate your emotions, get in touch with your true potential and reprogram your mind, body and soul.

How do I make a trip/retreat booking?

You may reserve your space on a retreat by placing a deposit on our secure reservations system at wetravel.com. You will find the reservation options on our trip pages and also on the home page. If you have limited computer access or would rather register by phone, you may call us at +1-(216)-621-7085.

Do you accept payment in installments?

An initial deposit will hold your space on the retreat. The remaining balance is due 60 days before the start of the retreat. When you make your initial deposit, you have the option to either pay on the payment schedule, or pay for the trip in full right away.

How does WeTravel handle and protect financial information?

WeTravel does not store any financial or sensitive user data on WeTravel servers. User data such as credit card numbers, bank accounts or SSNs are immediately and securely transmitted to their payment provider with bank-grade SSL encryption.

WeTravel payment provider in the US is Stripe, one of the world’s largest payment providers, used by many large internet companies such as Facebook and Twitter. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. You can see that WeTravel is also a featured customer of Stripe in its “Travel & Events” category.

WeTravel payment provider in Europe, Canada, Australia, and South Africa is Mangopay, which is owned by Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, one of the largest banks in Europe.

WeTravel does not have access at any point to the user’s financial data.

What are your cancellation terms?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur. Unfortunately Deposits for our Hocking Hills and Guatemala retreats are non-refundable. If you are able to find someone to fill your space within 60  days of the retreat beginning, your replacement may take your spot, though you will need to handle transfer of finances directly between you and your replacement. However, if your space cannot be filled, no refunds can be given.

We do offer partial refunds for the India-Nepal trip. The details regarding the cancellation and refund policies can be found on the trip page. 

To minimize any loss and to protect yourself during the trip, we highly recommend taking out a comprehensive insurance policy that covers cancellation. You can book travel insurance at great rates from our Partner Travelex here.

Prefer to pay via Venmo, cash or check? Please contact me and book with us directly.

Contact: info@ayurvedayogajourney.com

Phone: +1-216-703-7355

Is travel insurance required?

Yes, The best way to protect yourself from any unforeseen circumstance is to purchase trip insurance. Good coverage can protect you if:

  • you cancel your participation in the retreat

  • the retreat is canceled due to weather, natural disaster, or not enough participants to run the trip

  • your luggage is lost or delayed

  • you become ill or injured and need medical care or repatriation

To minimize any loss and to protect yourself during the trip, we highly recommend taking out a comprehensive insurance policy that covers cancellation. You can book travel insurance at great rates from our Partner Travelex here.

What if I get injured on your retreat/holiday trip?

We take great care in designing our trips. We selected the highest quality venues and providers so that you will not be placed at risk. In the unlikely event of injury or illness, our Ayurveda Yoga Journey team will reach your emergency contact if necessary. Your travel insurance provider will also be able to provide guidance on where to receive medical care if required. Ayurveda Yoga Journey is not liable for any injuries incurred whilst on a retreat or holiday.

Are flights included in the trip prices?

Our  guests come from all over the world, so flights are not included in the cost of the retreat. However, should a short flight between locations on one retreat be scheduled in the middle of a trip, that flight will be included, as all intra-retreat transport is included in the price.

Do you organize visas/permits for your clients?

Ayurveda Yoga Journey will work with you to arrange any visas or permits that are required for your retreat. We will call out clearly in the “What’s Included” section of each retreat whether visas are covered in the retreat costs.

I'm not very 'good' or 'experienced' at yoga, are these trips/retreats for me?

Our retreats are for yogis (and aspiring yogis) of all levels- from advanced to those who have never tried yoga before. Our instructors will expertly modify each class to ensure that it works for everyone. And, you can join us and do as much, or as little, yoga as you would like!

I have a spouse/partner/friend you is not keen on yoga, but wants to travel on a retreat/trip with me. Is this OK?

We welcome spouses, partners and friends along with you on retreat. Everyone who attends our retreats is welcome to do as much, or as little, yoga as they would like, with no pressure.

Can I bring my children on retreat?

Our retreat guests are adults enjoying a sumptuous holiday away from the stresses of life. Occasionally, mature and calm teens may find that they wish to enjoy a relaxing yoga holiday with a parent and be a good fit with our experience. Reach out to the Ayurveda Yoga Journey team if you are interested in bringing a guest under the age of 18; we will work with you to see if this may be a good fit.

I am very experienced in my yoga practice, will I find these retreats fulfilling?

We plan our retreats so that all yogis can have a great experience. Our instructors will work with you to understand your unique needs and wishes, and tailor classes appropriately. It is worth noting that our retreats often go beyond yoga, and include Ayurveda Immersion, Ayurveda workshops, Meditation classes, fire purification ceremonies. meditative painting, cultural immersion, culinary experiences, and optional outdoor activities. All of these are yours to take advantage of to the extent you’d like . For those who want to go deep into yoga, you can also check out our “Deepen Your Practice” retreats which are focused on yoga practice.

Is food included in the package? and can dietary preferences be accomodated?

Absolutely! Our food is organic, vegetarian and delicious and prepared with Ayurvedic principles in mind by Shilpika Devaiah who is an Ayurvedic Doctor. We serve ghee (clarified butter) with all of our meals. Please inform us if you need gluten free or vegan meals

Are tips accepted?

Cash tips are greatly appreciated and can be given to your therapist at the time of your treatment.

What to bring?

Please bring comfortable clothes for yoga, earbuds/eye-mask and indoor slippers (we do not wear street shoes inside). You may want to bring books, a journal and other things that are supportive of your healing process.

optional- swimwear

Are Airport transfers included?

Airport transfers vary with each retreat we plan due to geographical and logistics concerns. All details regarding Airport transfers can be found in the retreat details while booking under the “what is included section” of the trip.